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Scoala gimnaziala Nr. 168“ (ROMANIA) ​

School is a public school active in Bucharestwho`s general purpose is to offer high quality education for young people from kindergarten to 8-th grade. We have daily courses, as well as second chance and distance courses for adult students, who have not finished their compulsory education. We have kindergarten, too. Our vision is to be a creative and inspired environment for every children, which are helping them to valorise their skills and their aptitudes to get the best academic results. Our mission is to involve all the stakeholders from the community- teachers, parents, students, local authority, NGO-s in order to make the school an appropriate and safe environment for education in which every child can learn.


Pro.M.E.T.EU.S. is a young non-profit cultural association active in centre Italy, founded by under-35 who have experienced international and European exchanges, which operates without ethnic distinctions, ideological or confessional and is inspired by the principles of equality, respect for human rights, the rule of law and of democracy. It have Accreditation of Youth Volunteering Organisations (ERAPLUS-EVS- CHARTER). To pursue its own purposes, the association carries out design activities and project coordination, research, study, training, information, awareness-raising, organizing cultural activities, events, training courses, at local, regional, national or international.

Aksemseddin Bilim ve Sanat Merkezi Akşemseddin Science and and Art Center (TURKEY)

Ιs a public school in Niğde, which is a city in the middle of Turkey, and it gives gifted education which is a broad term for special practises, procedures and theories used in the education of children who have been identified as gifted or talented. All of our students are gifted; their IQ level is above 130, so they are students with special educational needs. There are 11 teachers and 75 students who come from different villages, towns, districts and the center of the city, and whose ages range from 10 to 18.Our teachers are chosen every year by the cooperative work of our headmaster, Niğde Provincial Directorate for National Education and Niğde Governorship.


Taking stock from a host of EU networks of excellence, in which its founders participated or initiated, is established in a converge region (Western Greece), with an ever expanding network of offices in other Greek & EU Regions. ERFC aims at serving as a best example of bottom up Institution Building effort towards EU Integration and regional competitiveness, playing a key role, contributing in the implementation of EU Regulations and Directives through its participation in EU funded networks & projects, at interregional level. Mainstreaming EU project recommendations into National & Regional policies is its ultimate goal. ERFC have initiated and/or implemented more than 30 Territorial Co-operation and EU Integration programmes.


LICEO ENRIQUES  is a state high school situated in the 10th district of Rome, one  of the most densely populated and with a high number of young people. Lessons take place in the morning from 8.30 to 1.30 Mondays to Saturdays,  but our school P.T.O.F. (Three-year plan of educational offer) has a variety of afternoon classes and workshops (theatre workshops in Italian, English, French and Spanish, ECDL courses, foreign language certificates, Russian, Chinese and Arabic courses, Italian courses for foreign students,  IMUN project, etc.). In our school students can choose between two different courses: scientific and foreign languages studies The main subjects taught are: Italian language and literature, Latin language and literature, History and Philosophy, Foreign Languages and Literatures (English, French, German and Spanish), Maths, Physics, Science, History of Art, P.E. and Religion. The latest school reforms in Italy envisage English (and other foreign languages) as the means of teaching contents related to non-linguistic subjects – CLIL – and  our institution has taken all the necessary steps to introduce this methodology in our classes :  to this purpose, some teachers have already attended special English language training courses and started CLIL in their classes (in English and Spanish so far).


Navan Educate Together National School was founded in 2002 in temporary accommodation. We have 219 pupils ranging in age from 4 to 13.Our children are from a wide range of socioeconomic and ethnic backgrounds with more than 30 languages being spoken in the homes of our students. We have 7 mainstream class teachers, 3 special needs class teachers, 4 special education teachers and 8 special needs assistants. Our 3 special needs classes cater for children with autism. We have a preschool and provide a ‘breakfast club’ and after school childcare services. Navan Educate Together is a state funded national school. It is also a member of the Educate Together organisation. We have 10 subjects in our curriculum: English, Irish, Maths, History, Geography, Science,Visual Arts, Drama, Music and Social, Personal and Health Education (SPHE). Digitallearning/I.T. is integrated throughout the curriculum.

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